Gangs Asked To Refrain From Shooting During The Day

A Chicago community group has created something called the “People Ordinance.” The group’s goal is to limit exposure to gunfire while people are out and about minding their own business like they should be able to. Native Sons are basically asking rival gangs to refrain from shooting from 9 am to 9 pm.

The crime-riddled city has seen many incidents over the years where innocent people are being killed. Not because they necessarily have ties with gangs but because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like five-year-old Devin McGregor, who was shot fatally last summer.

The group’s founder, Tatiana Atkins, said, “We have to start somewhere.” She adds, “If people know that after a certain hour, the likelihood of them being shot by an unknown assailant is at a higher risk, they will be less likely to be out, and they may become more proactive with the supervision of their children.”

The solution is apparently to ignore the root of the problem, which is rampant crime and criminals roaming the streets. Instead, they think law-abiding citizens should adjust their life to accommodate firearm-wielding thugs. It suggests parents should be more careful if they don’t want their kids to end up shot.

How about people who work the night shift? How about those who simply want to get a bite to eat later in the evening? What about the employees who must leave early to open the doors by 7 am? How about the citizens who don’t want their fundamental rights trampled and would prefer not to be on “lockdown”?

Native Sons believe that gangsters that illegally obtain firearms and who go out and shoot and rob people and break the law will magically adhere to this out-of-touch proposal. The need to start “somewhere” is correct, but asking criminals to be good and coexist with everyday residents is a naive approach.

Asking nicely for something doesn’t always mean your plan will go how you want it to. That’s especially true when referring to individuals who do not mind going out and killing other human beings. The idea of offering a proposal to gang members about “shooting time limits” is simply ludicrous.

The group also said it was a strategic approach to improving Chicago’s gun violence problem. They place all responsibility on the residents, families, parents, and children’s shoulders, not the criminals. Atkins also stated that ending gun violence entirely is not viable, but asking criminals to comply is.

If they need to start somewhere, maybe Chicago voters should stop electing Democrat leaders with toxic policies that give criminals a free pass and punish law-abiding residents. Soft-on-crime policies are wreaking havoc on blue communities, resulting in soaring crime rates.

The bottom line is that nobody should tell upstanding residents to change their actions. That is blatantly wrong. Cities with an unbridled crime issue must adopt stricter policies that can deter these criminals from offending in the first place or going on to re-offend again. When you let everything slide, you lose control.

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