Fox’s Watters Catches Durbin In Epstein Lie

Fox News host Jesse Watters has claimed to have caught Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) in a lie over Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. Watters’ allegation comes as Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) continues her attempt to obtain copies of these logs publicly released, something which has so far been denied.

According to Blackburn, the public has the right to know about who visited convicted offender Epstein, especially if it will help to arrest those involved in any apparent trafficking rings. In her quest to get these flight logs, she recently asked for a subpoena during a Senate Judiciary Committee in early November, of which Durbin is the committee chair.

Durbin denied this subpoena. When Blackburn tried again in late November, Durbin again denied this motion.

This led Watters to ask Durbin why they refused Blackburn’s request, prompting his office to reply that they didn’t have enough time to truly look over the request and officially consider it.

Blackburn has publicly brought up the issue of Epstein’s flight logs in various committee hearings that also included Durbin. When a Fox News reporter asked Durbin himself about these flight records, Durbin said, “It’s never been raised to me by anyone. It’s the first time anyone has raised it.”

According to Watters, Durbin has been caught in a lie here, as he publicly denied Blackburn’s subpoena. His office also previously and publicly talked about the flight logs when responding to a question by Watters.

This has led Watters to openly question why Durbin isn’t looking into the Epstein records. Watters has even insinuated that it appears Durbin and possibly even other Democrat officials are protecting those who were associated with Epstein, an allegation that Democrats have rejected.

Watters has long discussed the quest to reveal unredacted flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein on his Fox News show. Recently, he even had presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his show, where he questioned him about his ties to Epstein — which resulted in Kennedy saying he had been on Epstein’s plane two times in the 1990s.

However, Kennedy denies he ever knew about Epstein’s crimes during this time.

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