Disgraced Democrat Operative’s Teen Son Arrested For School Shooting Threats

A disgraced Democrat operative’s teenage son was just arrested for threatening to shoot up his school, but the radical leftist is trying to blame Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) — claiming that he took her son “on government orders.”

On Wednesday, failed Florida congressional candidate Rebekah Jones’ son was charged with a second-degree felony for issuing threats on social media.

In posts or messages to friends on social media, Jones’ 13-year-old son wrote: “I want to shoot up the school. If I get a gun I’m gonna shoot up hnms lol.”

The teen, who was homeschooled at the time he made the threats, used to attend Holley Navarre Middle School (HNMS) — the place he threatened to commit a mass shooting.

“Okay so it’s been like 3-4 weeks since I got on my new antidepressants and they aren’t working but they’re supposed to by now so I have no hope in getting better so why not kill the losers at school,” Jones’ son also reportedly wrote.

The teenager’s initial plan was to carry out the attack before spring break, but he later postponed it until March 31, according to reports.

His friends alerted law enforcement about the plan, and Jones subsequently turned her child into the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office — despite her claims that the DeSantis administration had “kidnapped” him.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Jones tried to blame DeSantis and suggested that the arrest was politically motivated.

“My family is not safe. My son has been taken on the gov’s orders, and I’ve had to send my husband and daughter out of state for their safety. THIS is the reality of living in DeSantis’ Florida. There is no freedom here. Only retaliatory rule by a fascist who wishes to be king,” she falsely claimed.

The radical leftist has repeatedly tried to target DeSantis with false allegations. According to The Blaze, “Jones is a former employee of the state of Florida who made headlines during the pandemic when she claimed she was fired for refusing to lie about COVID statistics. A state inspector general concluded her claims were baseless.”

Jones was aided in her attempt to smear DeSantis for her son’s arrest by the Miami Herald, who falsely stated in a tweet: “13-year-old son of Rebekah Jones, whistleblower who clashed with DeSantis, arrested over memes.”

The headline was changed after the left-wing outlet faced backlash on social media, and now reads: “Son of Rebekah Jones, Florida whistleblower, arrested in probe of threatening Internet posts.”

The tweet with the original headline remains up on Twitter, but now carries a fact-check from Twitter’s Community Notes that states: “An incident report released Thursday afternoon by the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office allege that the 13-year-old made repeated threats to shoot up Holley Navarre Middle School and to stab students who angered him.”

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