China Exploiting Green Energy Agenda To Increase US Dependence

Communist China is using President Joe Biden’s fanatical commitment to unreachable green energy levels against the U.S. That is the warning from two former U.S. ambassadors, who said that Beijing is undertaking a coordinated effort to exploit these goals.

Peter Hoekstra and Joseph Cella caution that the maddening course charted by the White House and reckless states such as California will only increase American dependence on China. The president committed the nation to targets that simply defy logic.

Added to that is Gov. Gavin Newsom’s law to ban the sale of new gas-powered passenger vehicles by 2035, and you have the recipe for Chinese exploitation.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Hoekstra criticized the irony of relying on technology from Beijing to transition to electric vehicles. The former ambassador to the Netherlands called that “a terrible, terrible place to be.”

With EV sales still modest in the U.S., Hoekstra said this is the time to increase domestic capabilities.

He termed China “an unreliable and a threatening adversary.”

Joseph Cella, former ambassador to Fiji, echoed Hoekstra’s warning that increasing the U.S. reliance on Chinese tech in critical sectors is hardly advisable. Specifically, he noted two EV battery plant projects that are proposed in Michigan.

As he told Fox, “subnational incursions are afoot.” He added that “China is on the hunt. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is on the hunt. They are looking for these open doors to kick in, in states.”

And in some states Beijing is finding the doors wide open.

Take Michigan, where Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced in October that Chinese-owned Gotion would shell out $2.4 billion for a pair of 550,000-square-foot facilities. While she lauded the project, Republicans looked behind the curtain to expose who was pulling the strings.

They revealed that Gotion has ties to the CCP to the point of embedding them in the bylaws of Gotion High-Tech.

The parent company of California-based Gotion has specific requirements that it “carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

And it’s not just Michigan. Chinese firms with close ties to the CCP are spreading their influence across the U.S. And with the lure of big money flowing in from anywhere other than local property owners and sales tax revenue, some officials are falling into the trap.

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