CJ Stroud Responds To NBC Censoring His Jesus Comments

National Football League (NFL) superstar C.J. Stroud recently responded to NBC’s decision to censor his comments about Jesus during a postgame interview.

Stroud, who plays for the Houston Texans, thanked Jesus in a live postgame interview after defeating the Cleveland Browns, saying he’d like to give “all glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

NBC News eventually edited the NFL superstar’s comments about Jesus out on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Several individuals on the social media platform condemned the network for removing Stroud’s comments about Jesus.

“CJ Stroud is an amazing quarterback and a devout Christian. But NBC is so afraid of him mentioning the name of Jesus Christ on air that they edited his post-game interview,” conservative commentator Charlie Kirk wrote. “Whoever is responsible for this should be fired.”

“First they cut AJ Michaels from the playoff roster, now they cut a rookie quarterback thanking Jesus,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha said.

When asked to comment on NBC’s decision, Stroud told Complex that he’s “not angry” about what unfolded.

“I wish that it wasn’t that but, you know, I pray for people and I think God has called us to love one another through thick and thin, mistakes or success,” Stroud told the outlet. “I just want to show love. We’re not all perfect as people, even myself. I follow the Lord, but I’m not perfect and I try to just be that light in a dark time.”

“I think God has called us to really just be a light to one another and just show love,” he added.

Stroud has not shied away from expressing his faith, telling Fox News in 2022 that religion has “set my foundation.” The NFL superstar said that although his faith isn’t “perfect,” he works hard daily “to be better.”

Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb issued a scathing rebuke of NBC’s decision, calling the network’s removal of Stroud’s Jesus comments “disrespectful” and “lame.”

McNabb said NBC should “go back … and evaluate themselves.”

“You’re a media outlet that’s supposed to express and show and display what these young men are all about,” McNabb said, according to the Christian Post.

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