Watchdog Group Shows 177,000 Migrants Entered US With Missing Addresses

A watchdog group for the Department of Homeland Security recently found over 177,000 migrants have entered the U.S. with faulty or missing addresses. The report shows that addresses were not always collected or confirmed with the migrants entering the country.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) conducted a report and audit on migrants entering the country. The investigation showed that the agents and officers at the southern border states did not gather or confirm information given by the migrants.

This issue of the faulty addresses or missing addresses came only after the migrants had entered into the country fully. This entrance and lack of information left no way to track down the migrants. An issue that many opponents to the open borders of the Biden Administration have is the lack of tracing of migrants.

In a statement from the OIG, the reasoning behind the vital need for accurate information was discussed.

“The notable percentage of missing, invalid, or duplicate addresses on file means DHS may not be able to locate migrants following their release into the United States. As the Department continues to apprehend and release tens of thousands of migrants each month, valid post-release addresses are essential.”

The lack of tracking information on the migrants reflects the feeling many conservatives have had regarding migrants in America. The largest issue being how difficult it is to track a migrant that commits a crime.

Without the right information on the migrant, it can become nearly impossible to track them down. When there is a criminal history attached to the migrant, the lack of information becomes even more concerning.

The lack of information becomes especially concerning when it comes to violent acts on minors that normally require registration into the system.

The blame for this lack of information gathering and follow-up has recently been placed on how the immigration system works in the US. In a recent statement by a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security stated why they believe there is an issue with the system itself.

“Our immigration system is broken and outdated and Congress needs to fix it. Even under those outdated laws, the Department has improved how noncitizens are processed and vetted. Individuals seeking to come to the United States are screened by DHS and our intelligence and counterterror partners to prevent anyone who poses a threat from entering the country.”

The spokesperson said that the restraints placed on the various departments of Homeland Security make it difficult to implement any recommendations to help develop or maintain a new immigration system.

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