Washington Workers Union Endorses ‘Uncommitted’ Over Biden

In troubling news for President Joe Biden, the Washington Chapter of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) recently endorsed “uncommitted” over the president ahead of the state primaries on March 12, 2024.

The organization cited the president’s stance on the Israel-Hamas war as its reason for opposing his presidential candidacy.

“Currently, many voters, and UFCW 3000 executive board, feel that the best path to have the best nominee, and to defeat Trump, is to vote ‘uncommitted,’” the union said in a statement. “The hope is that this will strengthen the Democratic Party’s ultimate nominee to defeat Trump in the General Election in November.”

Biden’s reelection campaign should be worried over the “uncommitted” campaign launched across the country as a protest of the president’s policies over the ongoing Middle East war.

In Michigan, more than 100,000 individuals voted “uncommitted.” In 2020, the president defeated then-President Donald Trump by 150,000 votes.

Spelling disaster for Biden, the union fails to mention the president when referring to the “party’s ultimate nominee.”

“We need a nominee who can run and beat Trump to protect workers across this country and around the world,” the statement read.

Nearly 8% of eligible voters in Washington have already cast their vote for the upcoming presidential primary. A Seattle-based newspaper, The Stranger, recently endorsed “uncommitted delegates.”

“Unlike a protest vote for [presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Dean] Phillips or a throwaway write-in vote, voting for ‘uncommitted delegates’ delivers a message to Biden in a language he can hear and understand,” the newspaper’s editorial board wrote.

PJ Media pointed out that although Biden may not lose the support of unions loyal to the Democratic Party, multiple organizations could quietly begin searching for the president’s replacement.

Democrats have consistently blasted the president for his stance on the Israel-Hamas war.

Leftist-leaning outlets, such as Truthout, recently criticized Biden for supporting Israel’s “genocide” against the residents of Gaza by sending the Holy Land weapons and vetoing ceasefire resolutions in the United Nations (UN).

Truthout noted that the anti-Biden campaign Listen to Michigan could expand to Super Tuesday states, such as Colorado, Minnesota and North Carolina.

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