Texas Rancher Says Biden And Administration Are Traitors

As the emergency at the southern border continues, Border Control Police and state officials have gone on record to describe the chaos. Fox News’ “Fox News and Friends” co-host Lawrence Jones interviewed Wayne King, an Eagle Pass, Texas rancher, who has seen the damaging effects of the Biden administration’s relaxed approach to the border first hand.

Moments before, King and Jones witnessed an illegal immigrant climbing the razor-wire fence at the border.

“This is incredible,” King told Jones. “And I see the same thing on the ranch. All the trash and the debris and the damage. I see that and I’m 20 miles south of here and I see the same thing there as what you’re seeing here.”

When asked what he would say to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who was visiting the border that same day, he responded that he would call him a “traitor.”

“He lies under oath. He says that the border is secure. It’s not. He took an oath to protect us, and he’s not doing it. … The whole administration is the same way. Even our president, the president of the United States, I call him a traitor too,” the Texan continued.

King also felt strongly about the Biden administration’s lawsuit against the state and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who created an immigration bill allowing Texas law enforcement to arrest and deport and illegal immigrants they catch crossing the border.

“It’s proof that he doesn’t care,” King said of the president. “It’s crazy. Our governor is trying to protect us and take care of us here on our own homeland. But yet our federal government is going to try to keep him from doing it? Treason.”

As Jones was broadcasting live earlier the same day, an illegal immigrant from Honduras was caught on camera climbing over the razor wire fence. The unidentified illegal immigrant admitted to paying at least $20,000 to get into the U.S. According to Jones, the man waited until the National Guard left to cross.

The camera also caught a group of illegals about to cross the Rio Grande. When asked about where they were heading, they already knew. One said Flordia and another California, showing that the illegal immigrants entering preplan their destinations in advance.

The absurdity of this is that the Biden administration has downplayed the crisis at the border for years, and now the U.S. has experienced record numbers of illegals crossing the border.

Last week, Border Patrol agents announced the arrest of an illegal immigrant who had a prior murder conviction, making him the 10th killer apprehended since October.

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