San Diego’s Secret Illegal Migrant Hotels Spark Outrage

In a revelation of misused taxpayer funds in San Diego, Turning Point USA’s Frontlines has reported the existence of a clandestine facility housing illegal immigrants at the Ramada Suites in the Mission Valley community. This report, shedding light on the publicly funded accommodation provided to these individuals, raises significant questions about transparency and fiscal responsibility.

According to Frontlines’ journalist Kalen D’Almeida, this makeshift facility, shrouded in blackout fencing and guarded security, mirrors a construction site in appearance. However, the reality is quite different. Video published by D’Almeida shows the facility being managed by the Catholic Charities Dioceses of San Diego, with funding reportedly coming from taxpayers.

This isn’t the first instance of such an operation in San Diego. The city had been operating a similar facility at the Crowne Plaza, which, before its closure, siphoned $28 million of taxpayer money. With the closure of the Crowne Plaza facility, speculation arose about its relocation. Frontlines suggests that Ramada Suites is now the undisclosed location continuing this practice.

When Frontlines reached out to the Catholic Charities Dioceses of San Diego for comments on the number of immigrants housed, the reasons behind the secrecy, and other details about the site, there was a conspicuous lack of response. This silence raises concerns about accountability and the management of public funds.

The footage captured by D’Almeida paints a vivid picture: women and children sleeping on cots, a far cry from the luxury usually associated with hotel stays. The investigation confirmed that these migrants were being transported to the airport by private buses, indicating a structured operation.

D’Almeida’s attempt to glean more information from a presumed employee was met with evasion; the employee declined to provide details, offering to take down contact information instead. This lack of transparency is alarming, especially considering the facility’s alleged reliance on taxpayer dollars.

San Diego’s migrant crisis isn’t an isolated phenomenon. Similar situations are unfolding nationwide in Whitewater, Chicago, New York, and other locations. The discovery of the Ramada Suites operation adds another layer to this complex issue. The lack of response from the Catholic Charities Dioceses of San Diego only fuels the fire of public concern and skepticism.

More light needs to be shed on these operations. Taxpayers deserve to know where and how their money is being spent, especially in matters of great public interest and potential controversy. The silence from those in charge only deepens the mystery and discontent among those who demand transparency and accountability in government spending.

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