Report: LGBT Coordinator Trains School Nurses To Hide Transitioning

The LGBT coordinator for Poudre School District in Colorado instructed system nurses to ask students which name and pronouns they should use when speaking with the parents of students who are “transitioning.”

This no-longer-shocking revelation was uncovered by the Daily Caller News Foundation, which reported that Shayna Seitchik held a presentation on April 27. The day’s event was titled “LGBT considerations for PSD school nurses.”

Among the highlights were her instructions on gender transitioning terms including “puberty-blocking medicines,” “hormone therapy,” “top surgery,” and chest “binder.”

Seitchik advised the school staff to question students on the name and pronouns they want to be used when communicating with their homes. This, she said, should be done to avoid putting children in a “potentially unsafe situation.”

In addition to this advice, school nurses were instructed to stick to addressing students by their “affirming name.” This should be done regardless of whether it had been legally changed.

The presentation also warned attendees that informing parents of their child’s transgender status could be a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

This admonition came despite FERPA never referring to gender identity.

Shockingly, this policy could become the law of the land if President Joe Biden gets his way. The Democrat’s Title IX proposals are set to become federal policy this month if they are approved.

The New York Post reported that the advocacy group Parents Defending Education compiled a list of districts across the U.S. where these policies are already in place.

It found at least 168 districts encompassing 5,904 schools have written rules preventing disclosure of gender status to parents without student permission. These schools house 3,268,752 students and extend from North Carolina to Alaska, according to the outlet.

Deep-blue cities and states comprise the majority of the districts, including city schools in Chicago and Los Angeles. Interestingly, seven districts in Virginia also made the list, and this state elected Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin on promises to prevent such actions.

Also making a surprise appearance on the list were 11 districts in staunchly Republican Idaho.

Clearly there is much work to be done to ensure parental rights. After all, who are school administrators to decide what information concerning minor children may be withheld from their parents?

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