NYC Neighborhood Buried Under Filth Left By Migrants

East Village residents in New York City are loudly complaining about illegal migrants turning their neighborhood into a foul smelling cesspool. And the problem of being used as a lavatory only got worse after the city removed Port-a-potties from the area.

For two months, thousands of adult illegals congregated at a former school on East 7th Street and the adjoining Tompkins Square Park. Their objective was to secure a bed in the sprawling shelter system.

Local residents report that city workers stopped even trying to maintain a sense of decorum around the facility. Now the area smells like an open-air toilet.

Street cleaner John Cashvan told the New York Post that the smell is stifling on warm days. Neighbors report finding cups filled with excrement between parked cars and along the park entrance.

Resident Garrett Rosso, 64, said that for reasons unknown the migrants prefer to do their business in cups instead of on the ground. This leaves surprises lined up on people’s doorsteps for them to find when they venture outdoors.

Neighbors now avoid the park due to filth. Michael Bartley, 73, told the outlet that “there’s several thousand people [coming to] this end of the park with no place to use the bathroom.”

There have been roughly 160,000 new arrivals to the so-called “sanctuary” city as illegals continue to pour across the border. Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, who in this instance was not wrong, said in December that the deluge resulted in “the erosion of the quality of life” for New Yorkers.

However, he slipped back into the party line recently when he claimed his administration had “done a great job” with the influx. Adams even added that the issues facing residents are not related to the city’s “sanctuary” status.

And Biden’s manufactured border crisis continues to get worse as about 5,000 illegal migrants per day are released into the interior of the U.S.

Social media users expressed their disgust at the ongoing crisis. One observed that “those sanctuary cities sure are vibrant.”

Another simply commented, “That’s nasty. Welcome to NYC.” Yet another referred to the Big Apple as “San Francisco 2.0.”

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