Netanyahu Firmly Rejects Biden’s Call For ‘Pause

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back hard against the Biden administration’s recommendation for a “pause” in fighting in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli leader told his country Friday that there would be no cessation of hostilities while hostages are held by Hamas terrorists.

Netanyahu met earlier on Friday with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who relayed the president’s message. The prime minister countered by showing him footage of the Oct. 7 massacre carried out by Hamas terrorists.

He said he appreciated the support of “President Biden, the American administration and the American people.”

But Netanyahu firmly explained that a ceasefire now is not any more possible than when Pearl Harbor was bombed or the 9/11 terror attacks were carried out on the U.S.

Israel in no way will let up on rooting out those who murdered over 1,400 of its citizens and took hundreds more hostage.

According to the Times of Israel, Netanyahu told Blinken that his nation “refuses a temporary cease-fire that does not include the release of our hostages. Israel will not enable the entry of fuel to Gaza and opposes sending money to the Strip.”

Israeli officials quite understandably believe that any fuel or aid sent to the region will be hijacked by Hamas terrorists and used to assist attacks on the Jewish state.

Roughly 240 hostages were abducted in the horrific Oct. 7 attack with only a few being released since.

White House officials appear to be bending to leftist radicals who want to halt Israel’s retaliation against the terrorist regime. The call from Biden described a “humanitarian pause” that would allow aid in and civilians out.

The Biden administration struck back at Netanyahu’s refusal to follow the president’s lead. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared Washington will continue to push for a temporary “pause” in Israel’s offensive.

Speaking on Air Force One, she claimed, “We have been clear about our position — you’ve heard that today from Secretary Blinken today even — and why it could be valuable to have a pause to get aid in and get hostages out.”

Blinken visited Tel Aviv in a show of U.S. support for Israel’s fight against Hamas terrorism. But leftist lawmakers and activists are pressuring Biden to push Israel to ease up on its retaliation for the horrific crimes committed against its people.

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