Mayor Adams Imposes Executive Order To Control Illegal Immigration

In a move to better control the amount of illegal immigrants coming into New York City from Texas, Democratic Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order Wednesday with strict guidelines.

Dozens of charter buses carrying migrants have entered the city each week, including at night and on weekends when there is limited staff available to help coordinate services for them. The buses would also drop off passengers in random places in the city, according to the executive order.

Bus operators must now notify the city of the number of people on board who will be seeking emergency services and will only be allowed to drop passengers off on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and noon.

If the bus companies do not comply with the new order, it can result in a class B misdemeanor, possible fines, a lawsuit, and even buses impounded.

Adams said that the executive order would help the city manage the incoming migrants “in an orderly way.” Last week, 4 “rogue buses” arrived from Texas on a single night, making it the highest one-day total recorded by city officials.

Adams’ order occurred the same day when five buses arrived in New York City around 1 a.m., forcing officials to hurry as they received illegal immigrants arriving from a chartered flight from El Paso.

The executive order comes a month after Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) signed an executive order putting strict guidelines on charter buses dropping off illegal immigrants.
“Gov. Abbott has made it clear he wants to destabilize cities, sending thousands of migrants and asylum seekers here to the city,” Adams said. “I have to navigate the city out of it.”

Adams reported that it will cost the city around $12 billion over the next three years to take care of the illegal immigrants who have flooded the city.

New York City has also flipped the bill to transport illegal immigrants to other cities via plane. According to the city, it has spent at least $4.6 million to purchase over 19,300 plane tickets for those who wished to travel to other cities while thousands of legal residents struggle to survive.

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