Massachusetts Spending $10.5 Million To Relocate Illegal Migrant Families

Massachusetts taxpayers are on the hook for another $10.5 million to resettle 400 migrant families currently living in state-operated shelters. The pilot program intends to relocate illegals who have flooded the area due to the Biden White House’s lax immigration policies.

The goal is to move the migrants into permanent housing by the end of 2024.

The program originating from Democratic Gov. Maura Healey’s office is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation. State shelters are overcrowded with illegal migrants pouring across Biden’s open border, straining budgets and staffing.

According to the Boston Herald, the program is patterned after previous efforts to resettle refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Agencies contracted to provide these services will locate apartments for the migrant families and then find them jobs. The goal, according to International Institute of New England CEO Jeff Thielman, is to ensure the migrants are “self-sufficient.

By spending $10.5 million in taxpayer funds.

Thielman complained that his agency, which primarily services Haitians, is not getting the same level of funding as afforded Ukrainians and Afghans. He said the state is attempting to apply the same model to the illegal migrants without the previous level of federal funding.

The region took on a deluge of illegals in the past year, with Boston being especially hard hit.

Part of the Boston-Logan International Airport has been reconfigured as a temporary shelter, and a local recreation center was also transformed into emergency housing.

The Healey administration pleaded with the public last year to take illegals into their own homes. That plea, as could be expected, largely fell onto deaf ears.

And now there is a logjam of migrants filling emergency shelters. The normal procedure is to attempt to move residents through as quickly as possible, but instead these state-run facilities are backed up with immovable families and new migrants waiting for shelter.

The funding will come from $8 million allocated by the Massachusetts legislature last fall and another 2.5 million from two state budget bills.

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