Ingraham: Journalists Outraged That Trump Has Legal Rights

Conservative host Laura Ingraham hit the nail on the head recently when she noted the selective outrage expressed by media members at Donald Trump scoring even a small victory in the legal system.

For the corporate media, fairness will only be achieved when the former president is off the 2024 ballot and behind bars for life. Ingraham noted that Trump remains one step ahead of his determined but deficient Democratic persecutors — particularly New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Leftist anger spewed after a New York appellate court on Monday dramatically lowered the ridiculous amount a judge ordered Trump to pay just to be able to appeal his egregious decision. The $454 million tab was reduced to a still hefty $175 million.

This slight break was too much for media sensibilities.

Another goal of the liberal establishment, according to Ingraham, was to disseminate across the world James personally placing padlocks on Trump’s New York properties.

Ingraham displayed an amusing montage of corporate media talking heads bemoaning the lowering of his bond. From CNN to MSNBC, each appeared to take umbrance with Trump getting even a semblance of justice in the courts.

CNN set up camp outside the Lower Manhattan courthouse expecting to be able to broadcast Trump’s demise. Instead came word that he now had a bond that was at least more fair than the unprecedented previous injustice.

With a strong sense of irony, the Fox News host referred to extremist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as the “leading legal mind” in the House. Then she produced a clip of the “Squad” member clearly justifying the means as long as the end is accomplished.

AOC declared, “There is risk in not seizing these assets” and lamented the “open window” Trump was afforded to defend himself.

She added that there is also a risk of “political corruption.” It is a wonder that she’s ever heard the name Hunter Biden during her tenure in the House.

The more serious question asked by responsible adults is if Trump should be afforded due process and, as Ingraham described, “basic fairness?” Of course he is, especially considering the onslaught of persecution coming from Democrats across the legal system.

Apparently these fundamental Constitutional rights being applied to the former president is too much for the left to accept.

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