Haley Dodges Tough Questions About Trump On Fox News Sunday

GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley avoided questions about former President Donald Trump on “Fox News Sunday,” refusing to explain how she would differ from her former boss.

Instead, Haley flipped the discussion to Joe Biden, her potential opponent in 2024.

“Clearly, you think you’re a better option than he is, or you wouldn’t have gotten into the race. So where do you differ?” Bream asked.

“I don’t focus on President Trump,” Haley told “Fox News Sunday” when host Shannon Bream asked why Republican voters should choose her over Trump.

“It’s amazing that the media wants to talk about that so much. I am focused on Joe Biden.”

Bream then shot back, saying, “But you will have to get through the GOP primary, you will have to focus on him or Governor DeSantis and whoever else gets in [the race].”

Haley then repeated a common line from her early campaign, saying, “I think we need new energy going in. I think we need to leave the status quo of the past and start looking ahead.”

“Why you?” Bream asked the former South Carolina governor.

“Why not me?” Haley retorted, before describing a number of her priorities, including stopping socialism and fighting “woke education.”

Haley famously said in an interview with The Hill that she would not challenge Trump if he ran in 2024.

“I would not run if President Trump ran,” Haley said.

“And I would talk to him about it. That is something that we’ll have a conversation about at some point if that decision is something that has to be made.”

Trump, despite Haley’s flip-flop, has embraced his newest opponent, saying, “the more the merrier.”

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