Food Bank Demand Surges As Americans Hit With Inflation

Demand at local food banks across the country has skyrocketed as prices have soared under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Americans are struggling to keep up with the effects of Biden’s soaring inflation, especially with the holidays coming up.

Jackie DeCarlo, chief executive of Manna Food Center, a Maryland-area food bank, discussed the issue in a statement to the Washington Post on Monday.

“We are seeing unprecedented demand,” she told the outlet.

Food bank demand has skyrocketed over the last few months, with Manna Food Center providing food to 5,781 families in October — exceeding the food bank’s highest monthly number during the COVID pandemic.

A Virginia-area food bank, Food For Others, has reported distributing 30% more food in 2023 than 2022. The food bank serves roughly 200-250 people per day, according to Food For Others communications coordinator Hannah Brockway.

Capital Area Food Bank CEO and president Radha Muthiah reports that her food bank distributed 31% more food since July 1.

According to a report from Capital Area Food Bank about their area of Washington, D.C., Americans have been suffering under Biden’s inflation for the past two years — with 31% of local residents reporting not having enough to eat in 2023, while 33% reported the same in 2022.

Many of these residents have been forced to find alternative means to feed their families, including 40-year-old single mother Katherine Charles.

Speaking with the Associated Press, Charles said that inflation has made it more difficult to feed her family — especially as her young children “are at the age they are eating everything in front of them.”

“My son loves red meat,” she added. “We cannot any longer afford it the way we used to. The economy’s not getting better for nobody, especially not for me.”

A recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Poll showed that roughly 75% of respondents believe that Biden’s economy is “poor.” Another two-thirds of respondents report that their expenses have spiked under Biden’s leadership, while only roughly 25% reported that their income had risen enough to cover the increased costs.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has continued to claim that prices are decreasing thanks to Biden’s leadership, despite evidence to the contrary. RNC Research recently shared a clip of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on X, formerly known as Twitter, claiming that the Biden administration was “making considerable progress in bringing inflation down.”

However, RNC Research refuted her claims by pointing out that “Since Biden took office, Americans have seen a 17.6% price hike — with food prices up 20.9%, rent up 18%, and electricity up 24.7% — and a 3% drop in real wages.”

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