Elon Musk Provides Starlink Support For Gaza Humanitarian Effort

As rockets continue to be launched from Gaza into Israel and Israel conducts a ground invasion of Gaza, Elon Musk has stated that “Starlink will support connectivity to internationally recognized aid organizations in Gaza.”

Musk’s statement was made in response to concerns raised by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who expressed worries that Israel, following a significant Hamas attack on October 7, had disrupted communication in the region.

Cortez said, “Cutting off all communication to a population of 2.2 million is unacceptable. Journalists, medical professionals, humanitarian efforts and innocents are all endangered. I do not know how such an act can be defended. The United States has historically denounced this practice.”

Her comments pertained to Husam Zomlot’s concern for the well-being of his family in Gaza. Zomlot, who serves as the Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK, expressed, “I have been trying to reach my family in Gaza for hours with no success. All telecommunications and internet have been cut, while Israeli strikes are literally destroying Gaza from air, land and sea. How many more innocent people: children, parents and grandparents will be murdered before the world steps in?”

Ocasio-Cortez and some members of her progressive caucus have called for a ceasefire in the region, a stance that has led to accusations of sympathizing with Hamas terrorists.

A ceasefire is also being advocated for by Hamas, the group that initiated the conflict. Gaza has received aid, including $100 million from the U.S., with the United Nations playing a facilitating role in these efforts.

Biden has emphasized that a “top priority” is providing aid to Gaza. During a speech, he stated, “In discussions with the leaders of Israel and Egypt, I secured an agreement for the first shipment of humanitarian assistance from the United Nations to Palestinian civilians in Gaza. If Hamas does not divert or steal this shipment, we’re going to provide an opening for sustained delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance for the Palestinians.”

The process of delivering aid to the region commenced on October 14.

The Israeli government cut off communications in the area to disrupt the coordination of Hamas militants during the ground invasion. They also instructed civilians to leave the area, with the United Nations assisting in delivering this message.

Civilians in Gaza have limited options for relocation, as the sole land exit from Gaza is through the Rafah crossing into Egypt, and neighboring nations, including Egypt, are reluctant to accept an influx of Palestinian refugees from a conflict zone.

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