DEI Consultant Faces State Probe Over ‘Decentering Whiteness’ Article

A so-called “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) consultant is now facing a state investigation after writing a racist op-ed for Forbes about “decentering whiteness.”

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) slammed BWG Business Solutions head Janice Gassam Asare in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, over her column — noting that he would be opening an investigation into whether her business receives state funding.

“I’m just done with this sh—. It’s racist and it’s gross,” Vance wrote, sharing Asare’s column. “Forbes should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it.”

The Republican senator went on to note that he had instructed his staff “to investigate whether her ‘business’ receives any public money from Ohio.”

The racist column includes Asare advocating for dismantling the systems that supposedly prioritize “white dominant culture to the detriment of non-white groups and cultures” — claiming that dismantling these systems is necessary because they contribute to “inequity and injustice within” an organization.

“It has been given many names, including the ‘white gaze’ and ‘whiteness as the default,’” she wrote, adding: “Because white-centering is often left unexamined and unchecked, equity and justice have continued to evade organizations.”

Asare then advocates for education and accountability in the workplace, while ironically advocating for objectivity as well.

She later responded to Vance’s criticism in a statement to Fox News Digital, where she continued to push far-left talking points about “whiteness” being a “system” and not a group of people.

“I would say this: It’s obvious that the senator has now idea what decentering whiteness actually means and how it’s about the system of whiteness and not one white person or white people,” Asare told the outlet.

“I expound on what decentering whiteness in the workplace means in my book of the same name, which I’m happy to send to the senator and to anyone else [who] is confused,” she added.

Asare also responded to Vance’s post on X, writing: “If you think the article is bad, wait til you read my whole book Decentering [Whiteness] in the Workplace.”
Meanwhile, other X users pointed out the clear racism in her article, arguing that White people are the only ones that the far-left deems it acceptable to be racist against by pointing out how the article would be viewed if “whiteness” was replaced with any other race.

“Imagine if Forbes published a headline saying ‘3 Ways to Decenter Blackness in your Workplace’? Or what if Forbes said ‘3 Ways to Decenter Jewness in your Workplace’? It’s racism pure and simple and Forbes should be ashamed,” wrote conservative lawyer Rogan O’Handley.

“Imagine writing such an article but replace ‘whiteness’ by any other group. You’d have mayhem. But as I’ve been saying for decades, it is progressive to decolonize ‘whiteness.’ If you visit my channel, you’ll see the endless clips that I’ve posted addressing this acceptable form of open bigotry,” wrote professor Gad Saad.

“Antiwhite bigotry is the most pervasive form of discrimination in the United States Our governing institutions enthusiastically promote and practice it,” wrote Auron Macintyre, columnist for The Blaze.

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