Confused Biden Walks Out In Middle Of Medal Of Honor Ceremony

Critics are slamming President Joe Biden on social media after the elderly president walked off stage in the middle of a Medal of Honor Ceremony on Tuesday, appearing confused.

The Tuesday ceremony was held to award the Medal of Honor to a Vietnam veteran — Army Captain Larry Taylor, who flew UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra helicopters during the war. In one daring mission, Taylor rescued a four-man reconnaissance team that was taking heavy fire. As his Cobra attack helicopter only had room for the two pilots that were already onboard, the rescued soldiers held on to the skids until Taylor could drop them off at an American position nearby.

During his military career as one of the most decorated helicopter pilots in U.S. Army history, Taylor flew roughly 2,000 combat missions.
Tuesday’s Medal of Honor Ceremony began normally, with Biden placing the award around Taylor’s neck and awkwardly saluting the decorated veteran. However, the event unraveled soon after.

As the audience began standing up to applaud, the president stepped off the stage and walked through the audience — exiting the room before the ceremony ended and before the closing benediction had been given.

The cameraman followed Biden, who had a confused look on his face as he walked out, then panned back to Taylor — who was standing on the stage also appearing confused.

Critics took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to condemn Biden for “disrespecting” the Vietnam War veteran.

“Biden left our troops to be killed in Afghanistan. Military morale & recruiting is lowest in decades. He forced masks & unnecessary vaccines on them. And now he just walked out on a Medal of Honor ceremony, the highest honor for a soldier. He is a disgrace,” wrote popular user “DC Draino,” whose real name is Rogan O’Handley.

“Even the press was stunned. Is it time for Joe to step down?” wrote another user, sharing an image of a reporter looking at Biden, clearly confused.

“Biden just DITCHED the closing prayer of the Medal of Honor ceremony… Absolutely ABHORRENT,” wrote political commentator Graham Allen.

“Just as I think I can’t stand this man anymore, he proves me wrong by walking out like that. I can’t wait to hear how KJP explains that. He either lost his sense of where they were in the ceremony, or he showed utter disdain for the medal winner and the military in general. He didn’t look like he was having a senior moment,” another user wrote.

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