Concerns Over AI Takeover Hit Virtual Meetings

AI technology is seeing a surge in usage for businesses around the world. To many, AI sounds like an advanced technology with many benefits. Though there are benefits to the technology, there are also many issues. One of the biggest issues is how the AI takeover is causing the loss of jobs around the world. This loss of jobs only adds to the growing unemployment issue.

The current unemployment rate in the United States is 3.5%. AI is being seen as a contributing part of this percentage. A hard hit area of the workforce has been writing and publishing. Writers like Olivia Lipkin, lost their jobs to the ChatGPT AI technology. Lipkin was a copywriter that was left with no explanation. Shortly after her dismissal, the reason why came to light. She had been replaced by AI.

Whenever people brought up ChatGPT, I felt insecure and anxious that it would replace me. Now I actually had proof that it was true, that those anxieties were warranted and now I was actually out of a job because of AI.’

Writers aren’t the only ones being hit hard by job losses due to AI. It appears Google is now offering a way to attend meetings using AI instead of physically attending the meeting. The AI technology for meetings through Google Meet works in a straightforward method.

‘If you’re late to a meeting, Google will be able to show you a mid-meeting summary so that you can catch up on what happened. During the call, you’ll be able to talk privately with a Google chatbot to go over details you might have missed.’

Though this sounds great, it can mean the loss of several jobs at different businesses and agencies that utilize Google Meet. Transcriptionists are among some of the potential job losses. There are many other jobs that are in jeopardy as well.

The idea of AI is something that will be at the forefront of business discussion for decades. The key to keep in mind is that the AI cuts budget costs. Using AI is cheaper than hiring someone for hourly and yearly wages. As long as the technology is cheaper and effective, businesses will continue to use it. As businesses continue using the AI technology, prepare for the pink slips to start flowing like rain.

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