Biden Ridiculously Claims Republicans Want To ‘Defund’ Police

President Joe Biden again on Thursday repeated his outlandish claim that “MAGA Republicans” want to defund the police and the FBI. A lie told often enough does not become the truth, no matter how much the liar wants it to be.

There were in fact calls for more stringent controls on the FBI after last year’s unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home.

But it is an incredible leap to go from there to saying that the GOP wants to strip the nation’s law enforcement of much needed funding. But that’s what the president told the audience at the Finishing Trades Institute in Philadelphia last week.

He added, “That’s a good one. I like that.”

What he would like even more is for the American public to forget the very clear statements and actions of his fellow Democrats. During the George Floyd riots, which were less than three years ago, his colleagues screamed from the rooftops for police departments to be defunded.

His own choice for vice president, the embattled Kamala Harris, made the same “defund the police” rallying cry while on the 2020 campaign train. That, of course, is something else the White House hopes the American public has forgotten.

As baseless claims go, asserting Republicans want to strip funding from law enforcement flies in the face of logic and the truth. It was Democrats, as everyone well knows, who marched in the streets demanding funding be moved to social programs and counselors on wheels.

As for Democrats, some 13 members of Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign donated funds to the group that bailed out violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa troublemakers.

Many jurisdictions were foolhardy enough to give in to their demands, and others went so far as to elect so-called “progressive” prosecutors.

What were the results? Violent crime spiraled out of control in major U.S. cities and many cases of “buyer’s remorse” over putting leftist radicals in charge of punishing criminals.

Even the Washington Post fact-checker had to admit that there was no truth in Biden’s accusation. Its review of the statement was headlined, “The White House’s slipshod claim that Republicans are defunding the police.”

When it comes to his accusations that the GOP wants to neuter police departments nationwide, not even the choir believes what Biden is preaching.

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