Cops Identify Dangerous Motorcyclist From His Social Media Bragging

Police in Clayton County, Georgia, got an assist in identifying a motorcyclist posing a deadly hazard on the highway from the biker himself. Investigators were able to use videos the perpetrator posted of his criminal activity on Youtube and TikTok to identify the man who had previously evaded arrest.

The Clayton County Police Department (CCPD) successfully obtained arrest warrants against the operator after he had initially succeeded in escaping from officers. It appeared the department had no leads in identifying the suspect until CCPD Lt. Reimers got involved in the case.

Georgia State Patrol attempted to apprehend the motorcyclist and when he fled, the chase proceeded from Clayton County into Henry County before the suspect got away.

Reimers began searching social media for any video motorists might have taken and posted of the incident. Because of the highly reckless behavior of the biker in heavy traffic, he expected there may have been someone who trained their camera on the motorcycle.

As it turned out, Reimers found a video the motorcyclist himself posted. CCPD posted a report about the investigation on Facebook that indicated the motorcycle involved was a modified 2022 Triumph Street Triple RS.

The video the biker posted showed him weaving in and out of traffic at high speed, driving along the shoulder of the roadway and in between cars and trucks.

Reimers used the department’s investigative software to determine there was only one such motorcycle registered in the jurisdiction. He forwarded the information he had discovered through his research to the Georgia State Patrol so that the agency could assist.

Reimers and a Georgia State Trooper contacted the owner of the motorcycle they suspected was the one involved. When they interviewed the owner, he eventually admitted that he was the operator shown in the video and had posted the videos.

The Facebook post added: “Without the diligent efforts of Lieutenant Reimers to go above and beyond the call of duty, it is highly likely that the offender would not have been identified and he could have continued to endanger the citizens of Clayton County.”

The department also reported that the driver has been charged with 12 separate offenses but did not identify the particular charges.

Many deadly accidents occur when motorcycle operators attempt to run from officers after they have been observed violating traffic laws.

This video shows one of the many incidents that ended much more violently than the Clayton County temporary getaway biker’s did.

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