Canadian Watchdog Declares Christmas ‘Religious Discrimination’

The left’s never-ending war against religion has extended to Canada, where the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) recently formed a link between the Christmas and Easter holidays to “systemic religious discrimination.”

The CHRC recently published a paper falsely claiming that celebrating Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, specifically, serves as evidence of “religious intolerance,” as reported by the Blaze.

In effect, the leftists in the commission are advocating for the “eradication” of the holidays to prevent so-called religious intolerance.

“Religious intolerance impedes the ability of Canadian society to be democratic, welcoming, open-minded, and accepting. Only through understanding and acknowledging the existence of religious intolerance in Canada can we begin to address it and work towards its eradication,” the CHRC wrote.

“Religious intolerance can materialize in many ways, from microaggressions, to lack of accommodation and acceptance of religious practices,” the leftist organization continued.

The CHRC continued by arguing that such intolerance is “deeply rooted in [Canada’s] identity as a settler colonial state” and “manifests itself in present-day systemic religious discrimination.”

The leftist organization added that celebrating Christmas — a right every Christian has in Canada — is “an obvious example” of a specific religious bias that is entrenched in colonialism, per Life Site.

“Discrimination against religious minorities in Canada is grounded in Canada’s history of colonialism,” the CHRC wrote.

The commission received blowback for its religious claims.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Member of Parliament (MP) Jeremy Patzer called the commission’s comments “ridiculous.”

“This is ridiculous. Christmas is celebrated all around the world by people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. This is another example of woke ideology fomenting within the federal government,” Patzer wrote.

“I for one will be celebrating Christmas whole heartedly. Merry Christmas!” he added.

Patzer wasn’t the only one to go after the CHRC for its religious commentary.
The leader of British Columbia’s Conservative Party, John Rustad, wrote, “The Trudeau Liberals have lost their minds to woke culture. There is nothing discriminatory about Christians.”

The Blaze reported that the CHRC was established in 1977 to spread the Canadian government’s Human Rights Act. The organization’s responsibility is “to help ensure that everyone in Canada is treated fairly.” In particular, the group aims to help those in the LGBT community.

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