Woody Harrelson Explains Why He No Longer Uses A Cell Phone

Actor Woody Harrelson recently shared his reasons for not carrying a cell phone during a conversation on SiriusXM’s “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” podcast with Ted Danson and Kristin Bell. The 62-year-old star discussed his stance on technology and his efforts to limit its impact on his life.

Danson revealed that Harrelson does not have a phone, playfully suggesting that Harrelson relies on others to carry one for him. Harrelson clarified, explaining that while he doesn’t completely avoid phones, he prefers not to be constantly reachable.

“I don’t like to be readily available to any human being at any time,” Harrelson stated. Although he enjoys staying in touch, he dislikes being overly attached to his phone, describing it as an “appendage on my appendage.”

Harrelson mentioned that he previously tried to limit his phone use to two hours a day but found it challenging. He described how easy it was to exceed that limit, often hitting it by 9:30 a.m. “I’ve been on it two hours already because, you know, it can just keep going and going,” he said.

The conversation touched on how phones can disrupt real-life interactions. Harrelson expressed a desire to be fully present during social activities, avoiding the habit of checking his phone during lulls in conversation.

Kristin Bell added her perspective, noting that her children made her aware of her excessive phone use. She recalled instances where her kids felt disconnected from her because of her attention to her phone. “I really enjoy being less connected to it. It’s such a trick,” Bell said, highlighting her efforts to put her phone away during family time.

Danson concluded by expressing admiration for Harrelson’s approach to phone use. “I admire what you do with phones, by the way, Woody. I need to emulate that more,” he said.

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