Woman Fakes Heart Attack To Hide Drugs

In Richmond, Indiana, a woman tried to avoid a drug search by faking a heart attack, but jail staff later found a large sandwich bag filled with meth, fentanyl and crack cocaine concealed in her private area.

Amanda Smith, 41, was apprehended on Monday and is facing three felony charges, which include the distribution of a narcotic drug, cocaine and a controlled substance, as reported by WXIN.

Smith has faced multiple felony charges in the past. In early July, authorities charged her with luring a woman to a Richmond residence by pretending to sell her a ring. However, Smith is accused of assaulting the woman, repeatedly striking her in the face and then stealing her wallet and phone.

She faced a Level 3 felony charge of robbery resulting in bodily harm, along with a charge of criminal confinement. However, her stay in jail was brief, as she posted two separate cash bonds in July.

Smith’s most recent interaction with law enforcement occurred when a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy observed her associating with individuals known to be drug users at a Philipp 66 gas station in Richmond.

The deputy recognized Smith and subsequently trailed her vehicle, initiating a traffic stop when she failed to signal a turn and drove along the center of the road.

According to the deputy’s report, when a K9 alerted the police to the presence of drugs, Smith faked a heart attack. She allegedly started shouting and claiming she was suffering a heart attack, although she refused a medical assessment from Richmond EMS, as outlined in the report.

Upon reaching the hospital, she declined to change her clothes. She insisted on using the restroom, but law enforcement suspected she was trying to evade a drug search.

Once she finally consented to change her clothes in the presence of nurses, she admitted to concealing fentanyl in her underwear. During the clothing change, nurses purportedly noticed what seemed to be a sandwich bag concealed in her private area.

Nonetheless, Smith persistently denied concealing anything even after the correctional facility conducted a comprehensive full-body scan that detected an “abnormality in her pelvic area.”

She eventually confessed to hiding drugs in her private area.

As indicated in the report, law enforcement discovered 38.9 grams of meth, 10.4 grams of crack cocaine and 9.2 grams of fentanyl. They also came across an untested, finely powdered substance that had been wrapped and tucked inside a plastic bag.

Despite facing six felony charges in the past three months, Smith managed to post bail once more on Tuesday, following a short stint at Wayne County Jail.

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