Witness Recounts Finding Hunter Biden’s Gun In Trash During Trial Testimony

An 80-year-old witness in Hunter Biden’s gun trial testified Thursday that he discovered the first son’s gun while searching through trash. Edward Banner, who has been collecting recyclables from trash cans since retiring, said he found the silver gun in a trash can outside a Delaware grocery store and took it home with him.

“I definitely remember finding that,” Banner said of the gun, according to the Washington Post. He denied placing the gun in a sock at his home, contradicting testimony from former Delaware state trooper Millard Greer. However, Banner admitted to finding a brown bag containing the gun, which had white powder on it that tested positive for cocaine. Banner denied that any of his family members ever used cocaine, a drug Hunter Biden has struggled with.

Other witnesses who testified on Thursday included Hallie Biden, who dated Hunter Biden after her husband Beau Biden’s death, and police officer Josh Marley. Hallie Biden told the court she had thrown away the gun, which Hunter Biden had allegedly purchased illegally by not disclosing his drug addiction. Marley testified that he searched for the gun in the trash after receiving a call from Hallie Biden but was unable to find it.

The prosecution is expected to rest its case on Friday after calling two more witnesses, while the defense anticipates resting on Monday. It remains undecided whether Hunter Biden will testify in the case, although defendants rarely do so.

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