WHO Announces ‘Infodemic,’ Rolls Out ‘Protections’ From ‘Misinformation’

The World Health Organization (WHO) is on a mission to quash any dissent from those doubtful of its preeminent wisdom in dealing with a global health crisis. Now it will implement surveillance to monitor and eradicate the effects of the so-called “infodemic.”

This is the label given to the free flow of information available to the public that is not censored by multinational authorities.

A document titled “Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats” detailed the WHO’s opposition to a trove of data and opinions on health issues.

The writing began by noting this “enormous amount of information” and the fact that health institutions no longer have a monopoly. This, it said, represents a new “health threat.”

To be clear, the WHO believes that information it does not control concerning epidemics and pandemics is a threat to public health.

According to its experts, this overabundance of data increases the difficulty for people to put behaviors into action to better their health and that of their families and communities. This, the WHO said, may “undermine trust and social cohesiveness.”

Interestingly, this comes at a time when social media is pulling back from its cumbersome policies against so-called “misinformation.” Twitter ended that practice last November shortly after Elon Musk purchased the platform.

And just last week, Facebook and Instagram parent Meta announced it is rolling back censorious policies targeting COVID-19 information.

But for the WHO, the “infodemic” is something that must be tackled for the greater good. This is, as most know, an organization beholden to communist China and one that former President Donald Trump wisely pulled the U.S. out of.

That freedom ended under President Joe Biden.

As all discovered during the pandemic lockdowns, “public health” is a catch-all term that may be used in enacting draconian social control policies. Under that umbrella alone and lacking scientific evidence, protocols may be enacted that grind daily life to a halt.

This international organization clearly wants control of information pertaining to health, and dissenting opinions are not to be tolerated. The WHO admitted that this infodemic cannot be eliminated but believes it can be “managed.”

It is past time to worry when a powerful global group expresses its belief that information must be controlled. When having people march in lockstep is the message, the messenger must be closely watched.

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