White House Faces Backlash Over Biden’s Maui Response

People are questioning the White House after a statement made by President Joe Biden’s representative. Olivia Dalton, the spokesperson for the president, recently said that during Biden’s visit to Maui, one of his main goals was to let the island’s people know he’s supported them “from the very start.”

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden arrived in Maui on Monday. This visit came about two weeks after a terrible wildfire event. These fires took the lives of over 111 individuals, including kids. What’s more, many people are still missing.

On Air Force One, Olivia Dalton told reporters about the president’s plan. She said he aimed to show the Maui community that “we’ve stood by them from day one, and so has he.”

However, many folks on social media quickly responded. They pointed out that President Biden was relaxing on a Delaware beach on that “first day.” Stephen L. Miller, a podcast host, reacted to Dalton’s words by posting a picture of the president enjoying his time on the beach.

Later, when questioned about the Maui wildfires, President Biden’s only answer was a smile and the words, “No comment.”

Many people were upset by this. Even with the strong reactions, there were no immediate plans for Biden to go to Maui. Instead, he had plans to speak in Wisconsin and then take a vacation to Lake Tahoe.

After all this, the White House announced that Biden would be visiting Maui. This news came just one day after the Lake Tahoe vacation was announced.

When Biden did land in Maui, he saw many local people holding signs. These signs had messages like “You’re too late!” and “Actions mean more than words.”

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