What Comes Next For The Presumed GOP House Majority?

The dust is still settling on what appears to be a Republican wave sweeping over the House of Representatives. Even as the leftist media attempts to spin losing the body as a victory, the GOP should be settling in and ready to take control.

The Democratic campaign chief, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), was shown the door by frustrated New York voters. The outgoing ranking party member became the first sitting House campaign arm leader ousted in their reelection bid in four decades.

The governor’s race notwithstanding, New York emerged from Tuesday’s returns as a major bright spot for the Republican Party.

Democrats and their media allies will undoubtedly whine about “gridlock,” which is their term for whenever the opposition party has a share of power.

But the GOP has been in this position before, and with markedly mixed results to show for their victory. The Tea Party candidates rose up against former President Barack Obama’s grasping at unprecedented power as well.

In the midst of so-called gridlock, were the new Republicans able to derail the Democrats’ agenda? Did Obamacare fall into the dustbin of history as yet another leftist attempt to rework the nation in their own image?

No. The program remains intact to this day, and what’s more, the encroachment on our healthcare system is accepted with precious little opposition.

Winning isn’t just about garnering one more vote than the opponent on Election Day. It’s about an hourly and daily fight to stand on principle and return the nation to the values and priorities that made it a beacon on a hill.

What can the Biden administration expect from the newly elected Republicans? Will there be a solid wall of opposition similar to the fortresses Democrats built against every Trump initiative?

The newest members of Congress have a mandate from the American people. The days of open borders and billions unquestioningly sent around the world need to end.

The war on traditional Western values being waged by radicals from kindergarten through elite universities should not receive another dime of support from taxpayers.

And conservatives need to rest at night knowing that their elected officials are committed to the U.S., to upholding its honor and heritage. Anything less is at most a hollow victory, one that feels good momentarily but changes nothing.

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