Watchdog Organization Files Complaint Against John Fetterman

As Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman campaigns to represent his state in the Senate, things are not going so well for him.

On multiple occasions, Fetterman has been caught lying about his record. One major standout of this is his recent claim to have always been a supporter of fracking, despite video evidence showing Fetterman opposing fracking just a few years ago.

The Pennsylvania Democrat also continues to struggle with speech and hearing issues. He will not release his medical records to the general public, in spite of multiple calls for him to do so.

Now, it turns out the Center For Accountability and Government Ethics recently filed a complaint against Fetterman over his prior land purchases.

What to Know About the Complaint Filed Against Fetterman
The Center For Accountability and Government Ethics charges Fetterman with purchasing property worth $75,000 for only $1,100 by going through his non-profit, Braddock Redux, in 2007.

According to the watchdog group, Fetterman’s purchase of this property via his non-profit breaches fiduciary mandates.

The Center For Accountability and Government Ethics also says the Pennsylvania Democrat’s Braddock Redux was established to help him better the community, not pay a fraction of the market value for personal property.

Another watchdog organization, the Foundation For Accountability and Civic Trust, says Fetterman failed to include his personal properties in records submitted amid his campaign for the Senate.

Pushback From Fetterman
Through his campaign spokesperson, Fetterman is denying the claims against him have any validity.

In fact, the Pennsylvania Democrat’s campaign says the complaint from The Center For Accountability and Government Ethics is politically motivated and designed to hurt his race against Republican Mehmet Oz.

As for Braddock Redux, Fetterman’s campaign claims he started this as a community center for young people with difficult backgrounds and home lives.

In this statement, there was no mention of how Fetterman was able to obtain a $75,000 piece of property for barely a fraction of this rate. The Democrat’s campaign spokesperson also did not respond to allegations of Fetterman not fully disclosing his properties in the mandatory documents to run for Senate.

As these watchdog organizations file complaints against Fetterman, this only adds to the growing pattern of secrets and a lack of transparency from this candidate.

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