Vimeo Removes Film Revealing Dark Side Of Trans Ideology

As left-leaning institutions from academia to Big Tech continue to promote gender transition as a healthy and appropriate pursuit, a growing number of individuals are expressing regret for buying into the ideology.

Aside from the so-called “detransitioners” who return to their biological gender after realizing that they had been manipulated by this ideology, many families have been negatively impacted by a member’s decision to change gender.

That negative impact is the focus of a new documentary that was uploaded to the video streaming platform Vimeo recently. According to filmmaker Taylor Reece, “Dead Name” tells the story of three families who say their lives were “upended” by the pro-trans agenda.

Although the documentary merely allows these families to tell their personal stories, Vimeo nevertheless decided that it violated the site’s policies against “harmful, hateful, and misleading content.”

In a statement ostensibly explaining its decision, the company asserted: “We can confirm that Vimeo removed the video in question for violating our Terms of Service prohibiting discriminatory or hateful content. We strive to enforce these policies objectively and consistently across our platform. Vimeo has notified the account owner and all purchases have been refunded.”

Reece lamented the decision, explaining that she had two primary concerns about Vimeo’s action.

“One is the censorship, which is really concerning,” she said. “And the other is the issue itself, which has got to be discussed. It has to be. They can keep trying to suppress it, but ultimately it has to be discussed.”

As for the individuals who shared their perspectives for the film, Reece said that it is important for that side of the debate to be available to the public.

“In all three cases, you have parents who feel alienated, who feel ostracized, who feel marginalized, who have been stunned and shocked at every juncture, whether it’s been from a nursery school all the way up to a really fine college,” she explained.

Instead of being forced “to campaign about censorship and being silenced,” the filmmaker said she would much rather allow her work “to speak to this issue,” concluding that there is “a whole generation of kids who have been captured” by the prevailing gender ideology and deserve a voice before it is too late for them.

Prisha Mosley, a 24-year-old woman who detransitioned after receiving irreversible surgery at the age of 18, echoed Reece’s concerns in a Fox News interview last month.

“I was manipulated not only by my trans peers but by my gender specialist, the person who gave me my letter of recommendation in surgery,” she said. “It was all sold as like a wonderful thing.”

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