Vast Majority Of Americans Disagree With Transgender Madness

A new nationwide survey confirmed what most already suspected — that the vast majority of U.S. residents believe that everything from deforming surgeries to biological males competing with females springs from an ideology run amok.

An October poll from in partnership with McLaughlin and Associates revealed clearly and convincingly that Americans have had their fill of transgender madness.

A whopping three out of four respondents believed that transgender advocates have “gone too far” in pushing minors to take drugs and undergo surgeries to align with their “gender identity.”

Another telling reaction to the survey was the 41% of the population who said they keep their views quiet due to pressure.

Summit Ministries President Jeff Myers noted that the transgender movement began with the goal of preventing bullying. And while most would argue against oppressing those who are different, he said the effort developed into “an attack on reality.”

Disengaging a person from the real world, Myers believes, is a first step towards controlling that individual. When this disengagement means convincing a child that there are no differences between boys and girls, that child may now be told anything and will believe it.

The survey found that 69% of respondents blame social media and different “cultural influences” for gender confusion and anxiety among minors.

A full 70% of those surveyed believe that there is a profit motive involved in the medical profession encouraging gender-affirming “care” and other treatments.

It doesn’t stop there. Under the same guise of “care,” transgender treatments also include using unapproved drugs to thwart puberty, applying cross-sex hormones that are untested, and urging surgical procedures that are irreversible and permanently disfiguring.

Two states, Texas and Tennessee, are probing the use of untested medications and treatments on minors. Myers said the medical industry is forcing a false consensus with profits in mind.

There is support for this unprecedented movement coming from the White House as the Biden administration and its allies make clear. The midterm elections are expected to sweep Republicans into control of Congress, and this would be a giant step towards stopping the transgender agenda.

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