UN Targets Words As Weapons Of ‘Cruelty And Violence’

The United Nations has a new target in its never-ending effort to stamp out atrocities committed around the globe: words.

The international body is under fire for tweeting that “words can be weapons” at a time when human rights violations are escalating worldwide. It added that “hate speech online can lead to cruelty and violence in real life. Get tips on how you can say #NoToHate.”

The tweet included a link to a site that explained how people may react to “hate speech.” Acknowledging that this vague form of expression is hard to assess, the page said that “there are many ways you can take a stand,” even if you are not the “victim.”

The reaction was swift to this blatant disregard for free speech. Conservative radio commentator Dana Loesch posted her wish that the U.S. would “defund” the organization.

PJ Media writer Stacey Lennox responded with “no they are not.” Lennox described the New York-based body as blind to its members practicing slavery and mass murder and wondered about the U.N.’s priorities.

Others noted the strong hint of authoritarianism coming from a worldwide body that boasts many members who have little or no free speech within their borders.

One such case is China. The Security Council charter member has detained millions of Uyghur and other Muslim minorities. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 100,000 people are now forced to work in labor camps as slaves.

The communist regime does not recognize freedom of speech or expression and never has. But to the U.N., strong words online equate with slavery and forced child labor by one of its most powerful members. There is no wonder that its proclamation on mere words was met with such ridicule.

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