Two Federal Judges Say They Won’t Hire Stanford Clerks

Two federal judges appointed by former President Donald Trump announced they wouldn’t hire clerks from Stanford Law School after students there protested the visit of a conservative judge.

Stuart Kyle Duncan, a federal appeals court judge appointed by Trump, visited Stanford Law School to talk with students about the judicial system in the U.S. The students, however, frequently interrupted him with heckling. According to Duncan, one protester called for people to violate his daughters.

In October 2022, circuit court judges James Ho and Elizabeth Branch said they would not hire clerks from Yale Law School because of the school’s widespread “cancel culture.”

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Ho serves on a federal appeals court in New Orleans and announced in a speech to the Texas Review of Law and Politics that he would not hire any students from Stanford.

Ho’s remarks came after Stanford’s associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) led a protest against Duncan at the school’s chapter of the Federalist Society, accusing him and his legal record of causing “harm” to students.

Despite the students’ disruptive behavior, Stanford did not issue any disciplinary action, although the protestors violated the university’s policy against heckling speakers.

Tirien Steinbach, the dean who joined the protests, was placed on leave after the incident, according to the Washington Examiner.

“We will not hire any student who chooses to attend Stanford Law School in the future,” Ho reportedly said.

“Rules aren’t rules without consequences,” he continued. “And students who practice intolerance don’t belong in the legal profession.”

Ho added that his concern “is how law students are treating everyone else they disagree with,” and how such a practice would affect the U.S. and the legal profession.

“Students learn all the wrong lessons. They practice all the wrong tactics. And then they graduate and bring these tactics to workplaces across the country. What happens on campus doesn’t stay on campus. And it’s tearing our country apart,” he continued.

Ho did not specify if he would reverse his stance on hiring students from Yale and Stanford but noted that Yale has “gone much more smoothly” since its boycotting.

“Imagine that every judge who says they’re opposed to discrimination at Yale and Stanford takes the same path. Imagine they decide that, until the discrimination stops, they will no longer hire from those schools in the future. How quickly do we think those schools should stop discriminating then?”

Individuals in the law profession should refrain from biases. Law is a neutral topic. Mixing politics with the law is a dangerous precedent that will only negatively affect the judicial system of the U.S.

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