Tucker Carlson Says Gavin Newsom Is Leading A ‘Coup’

During the latest episode of his Twitter show, Tucker Carlson suggested that California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is spearheading an effort to replace President Joe Biden as the leader of the Democratic Party, labeling it a “coup.”

Carlson highlighted the recent disclosures made by an IRS whistleblower, revealing that Biden was present in the same room when his son Hunter engaged in communication with a Chinese business associate linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Commenting on the media’s portrayal of the story as a tale of a “father’s love,” Carlson remarked, “That’s the way you talk, when you’ve got nothing to fear from an upcoming presidential election.”

Carlson continued, “You don’t even bother to think of an excuse for your candidate, because you don’t need to, your country has electronic voting machines. Joe Biden got 81,282,916 votes in 2020. And you’re pretty sure he can do it again. In fact, you know he can, you’re not worried.”

Nevertheless, Carlson cautioned that Democrats should have some concerns regarding Biden’s age, as he would reach 85 by the conclusion of a potential second term and has already begun a decline from diminished acuity to “permanent unconsciousness.”

Carlson acknowledged the potential scenario where if Biden were unable to complete his presidency, Vice President Kamala Harris would assume the role. He highlighted the fact that Harris has recently experienced a significant drop in net favorability, reaching a record-low for a vice president.

He commented, “That means Kamala Harris will become President of the United States. And nobody wants that. Not even her husband. In real life Nobody likes Kamala Harris. That’s not an attack on her. In fact, it’s possible to feel pity for someone who’s so universally reviled.”

He continued defending his position by saying, “It is instead an observation of unchanging physical reality, like gravity or photosynthesis. Nobody wants Kamala Harris to be president. No one will benefit if she becomes president.”

He went on to mention that the Democrats would need to choose a successor for Biden who possesses similar characteristics of being shallow, ruthless and transactional.

Then he said, “And there’s only one man in modern America who fits that description. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California and perhaps not coincidentally, Joe Biden’s new closest friend.”

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