Trump Vows To ‘Wage War’ On Drug Cartels

Former President Donald Trump vowed on Thursday to “wage war” on drug cartels poisoning the U.S. if he is elected to a second term in the White House.

Speaking from his home in Florida, the former president laid the blame for the explosion of illegal drugs squarely at the feet of President Joe Biden.

In a video address posted on Truth Social, his social media platform, Trump laid out details of how he would address the crisis. He pledged to deploy “all necessary military assets” to destroy cartel leadership and operational capabilities. These would include special forces and cyberwarfare.

He also promised to enact a “full naval embargo” on illicit drug operations to guarantee they cannot use the hemisphere’s waters “to traffic illicit drugs to the U.S.”

Trump noted that both the drug cartels and their “allies in the Biden administration” are guilty of the deaths of “countless millions.” He cited the administration’s open border policies as responsible for the scourge of fatal overdoses sweeping the nation.

He said that when he’s elected, it will be Washington’s policy to dismantle cartels “just as we took down ISIS and the ISIS caliphate.” The former president noted that under his leadership the country enjoyed its strongest southern border in history.

Trump said he will reverse policies that allow the country to be overrun by cartels and illegal migrants. He further accused the White House of “dismantling the southern border.”

When he is back in Washington, “the drug kingpins and vicious traffickers will never sleep soundly again.” Cartels will be treated as international terrorist organizations, and as such will be separated from the global financial system.

Foreign cooperation will not be an issue, Trump asserted, as neighboring countries will participate in the crackdown or he will “fully expose the bribes and corruption” that enable the cartels’ infrastructure to thrive.

Trump’s video came as Biden gave an address from the White House revealing a new pathway to allow up to 30,000 migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua into the country.

He, of course, also promised to ramp up expulsions and blockades of those who do not follow the legal path to citizenship. But no one should hold their breath on that one.

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