Trump Is Fed Up In Light Of Recent Federal Indictments

On social media, Trump stated, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!” Trump shared the message after being indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith for a second time. This time it was for “conspiracy” charges.

Smith announced his latest charges against Trump, stating that Jan. 6 was “fueled by lies.” He threatened that Trump would be held “criminally responsible” for his actions. Smith described the incident on Jan. 6 as an “unprecedented assault on the seat of American democracy.”

Trump posted the message after he had shared a campaign video with a montage of short clips that point toward Biden and his administration’s corruption. The video also includes reports about Biden and his close ties to the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. He also mentions several other individuals in the video.

The ad mentions NYC prosecutor Alvin Bragg, A.G. Letitia James, D.A. Fani Willis, and Counsel Smith. The group was referred to as the “fraud squad,” and Trump said that they are trying to take him out any way they can before the 2024 election.

Trump pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to defraud the U.S. He also pleaded not guilty to conspiracy against the right to vote and to have one’s vote counted. Magistrate Judge Moxila A. Upadhyaya ordered Trump to be held pending trial if he violates any of the provided conditions.

Trump must not violate federal or state laws. He must appear in court when required, and must also sign an appearance bond. Finally, he cannot communicate the facts of the case with anyone he knows to be a witness except through counsel.

Despite the recent wave of legal battles Trump has faced, the former president still dominates in polls. Some of the latest reveal that Trump has outpaced his competition at a remarkable 54%. His closest opponent, Ron DeSantis, is far behind at a low 17%.

Trump’s campaign video compared President Biden to a “corrupt, third-world dictator.” The ad also said that Biden has unleashed a “cadre of unscrupulous government bureaucrats he controls to act like rabid wolves and attack his greatest threats.”

The ad also mentions the various investigations and political attacks on Trump, accusing Biden of launching “one of the greatest witch hunts in history.” It appears that Trump is confident going into the 2024 election despite these relentless attacks against him.

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