Trump Criticizes Biden’s G7 Performance, Media Response

During a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for his recent performance at the G7 summit and the media’s handling of viral video clips showing Biden being led offstage by former President Barack Obama.

Biden’s trip to Europe included several missteps, including wandering away from world leaders at the G7 summit and an awkward interaction with Pope Francis. These incidents were widely shared online, prompting Biden’s campaign to label the videos as “disinformation” and call for social media platforms to censor them.

Trump took the opportunity to address the situation, accusing Biden of embarrassing the nation. “Joe Biden is humiliating our country on the world stage,” Trump stated. He mocked Biden’s excuse that the videos were manipulated using AI, saying, “He’s blaming it now on AI, but that’s okay.”

Trump also criticized the media for their biased coverage, claiming they try to make Biden look good despite his frequent mistakes. “With me, they take a good speech and make it look as bad as possible. With him, they take the worst speech you’ve ever heard and try to make him look semi-normal,” Trump remarked.

The former president didn’t hold back, calling the media “shameless liars” for their efforts to cover up Biden’s cognitive decline. He also mentioned past controversies, such as the Russia investigation and the Hunter Biden laptop story, accusing the media of spreading falsehoods.

Trump pointed out that the current administration relies heavily on social media censorship to suppress negative stories, referencing the efforts to silence the Hunter Biden laptop scandal before the 2020 election. He argued that these actions are damaging to the country and promised that voters in Wisconsin would reject Biden in the next election.

Trump’s rally underscored ongoing concerns about Biden’s mental acuity and media bias. As the election season progresses, these themes are expected to remain prominent in the political debate, shaping voter perceptions and campaign strategies.

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