Teachers Union Endorses ‘Gender Queer,’ ‘White Fragility’

That the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the U.S., is morally corrupt to the core is hardly a surprise. However, a recommendation issued by the group on Monday showed they still have the ability to surprise with how low the union has fallen.

Specifically, member teachers were urged to spend their summer consuming such titles as “Gender Queer” and “White Fragility.”

To be clear, “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe features pornographic illustrations of adult relations between two males and other explicit depictions. And “White Fragility” explores the weakness of Whites in discussing racism, among other offensive themes.

Both, however, made the NEA list titled, “Great Summer Reads For Educators!”

These books and several similar titles are the focus of raging controversy across the nation as leftist educators slip them into school libraries and even the classroom curriculum. “Gender Queer” ranked as the most challenged book in the U.S., according to the American Library Association.

Another featured book was “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” promoted as the memoir of an LGBT activist.

Yet another NEA selection attempts to explain to White people what they need to understand about the Juneteenth holiday.

But it’s “Gender Queer” that draws the most scrutiny. The book graphically tracks the writer’s self-discovery of their status outside of the “gender binary.”

Of course, in 2023 the term “banned books” encompasses those that parents deem too explicit and inappropriate for small children to read. A primary source for this data is PEN America’s Index of School Book Bans list.

The organization reported that book “bans” during the fall 2022 semester increased over the past two semesters. Their data attempts to show a supposedly alarming trend, but only if it is not observed in reverse.

For example, PEN America reported that 30% of “unique titles concern race or racism or feature characters of color. What this means to the critical eye, however, is that 70% do not.

Likewise, 26% have LGBT characters or themes, meaning that nearly three-quarters do not have these characteristics.

The left wants to paint attempts to shield children from groomers as book-banning and other forms of “discrimination.” But adults are free to read these materials as much as they like, and no one cares what they consider entertainment.

It is only when the young are targeted with materials that are not appropriate for their age that the issue arises.

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