Stunning Article Celebrates Abortions For Thanksgiving

At a time when most are giving thanks for their families and numerous blessings, one liberal bastion chose to make a mockery of traditional festivities and celebrate the abortion experiences of themselves and others.

The Nation’s Mikiya Natale inked a piece titled “We’re Thankful For Our Abortions.” The article heading continued with: “Many people who have abortions celebrate their experience,” apparently as justification for testifying about the joy of ending the life of an unborn child.

Natale began with the normal sanctimonious liberal whining about the roots of Thanksgiving. But after her references to “genocide” and the “prison-industrial complex,” the writer settled in to the reason for the season.

In her words, “I am grateful for having accessed my abortions in Texas while it was still legal in the state.”

Natale credited her experiences for guiding her work and expressed her gratitude “for both of my abortions.”

Further, her holiday thankfulness included not having to be a parent when she “didn’t want to be,” especially in “this political climate and moment.”

The writer expressed her belief that people should be supported “no matter if it’s their first abortion or fourth.” Their family and friends should back their decision “every time.”

Natale answered a question about the process of feeling good about aborting an unborn child by citing “testimonies” from several “grateful people.”

One testimonial declared that three pregnancies resulted in two abortions, one coming too close after the actual birth of a child. Another lamented being a senior in college and having a father who had recently been deported.

Still another marked the sixth anniversary of her second abortion. She expressed her thankfulness for not having to care for “two small children whom I was not ready for.”

She added that she is grateful this Thanksgiving “for the freedom of self.”

The audacity and selfishness of these thankful “testimonials” is striking. Not one made even a passing mention of personal responsibility or the life that was ended without a say in the matter. Of all the reasons to be thankful, these must be at the bottom of the list.

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