‘Stay Home’ Is Biden’s Plan To Fight Climate Change

Borrowing a page from the pandemic playbook, President Joe Biden’s latest plan to thwart climate change is to urge Americans to drive less and stay home.

The president’s “blueprint for transportation decarbonization” insisted that the sweeping lockdowns “highlighted major opportunities” for citizens to combat changing weather patterns. For example, they may turn to “remote work and virtual interactions.”

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency and Energy, Transportation, and Housing departments released the blueprint in January. It called for virtually eliminating “nearly all greenhouse gas emissions” resulting from transportation by 2050.

The majority of this transition would be accomplished through the switch to electric vehicles. However, the administration also promoted slashing “commuting miles” and enhanced remote interactions — including in education.

According to the plan, industries may utilize telework and other technological aspects of the economy to lower commuting requirements.

It then cited opportunities highlighted during the pandemic.

The agencies noted that studies show a chance to reduce as much as 10% of miles driven annually through working and interacting remotely. The report specifically identified the healthcare and education sectors as areas where “future travel demand” may be diminished.

Lost in Biden’s mad rush to go down in history as the “climate president” is the crushing effect the lockdowns had on small businesses. While major chains were allowed to stay open and weather the storm, over 100,000 small businesses closed their doors permanently.

These are family legacies and local jobs that are not coming back, and the White House appears to desire a return to these economic conditions. This fact is not lost on Job Creators Network president Alfredo Ortiz.

The small business advocate slammed the Biden administration for repeatedly “pursuing a ‘green’ agenda despite the unintended consequences it poses to the economy and, more specifically, small businesses.”

Ortiz noted that a business environment that stifles “in-person consumer demand” is deadly for small operations.

Democrats are all too willing to sacrifice the economy at the feet of their climate agenda. Staying at home was a bad idea during COVID-19, and it’s still a meager alternative to having a grownup energy policy that acknowledges economic realities along with environmental concerns.

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