Social Conservatism Growing In America

More Americans are identifying as “socially conservative” today than at any time in over a decade, according to a new poll from Gallup as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

The recent results show that 38% of U.S. residents identify as socially conservative, which is a marked 5% increase from just last year and the highest level since 2012. Gallup noted a sizable shift in attitudes in recent times.

It said that on social issues in 2023, “there is a more obvious conservative advantage.”

On the other side of the political spectrum, only 29% of Americans now classify themselves as socially liberal. This is a drop from 33% in 2022 and is further evidence of the shift rightward in U.S. society.

Gallup said that this more intense social conservatism “may be fostering an environment passing conservative-leaning social legislation, especially in Republican-dominated states.”

The polling data, which was released on Thursday, was culled from 1,011 participants. The organization previously found that over the past eight years, there was an almost parallel number of people identifying as socially conservative or liberal.

Now there’s a gaping nine-point spread.

This swing should come as little or no surprise to anyone paying attention to current events. States from coast to coast are dealing with parental outrage over their indoctrination of students on such social issues as transgenderism, radical gender ideology, and even abortion.

While the left accuses concerned parents of being “book banners,” voices are loudly raised in protest of pornographic content on school shelves.

The result of the radical ideology being spewed by liberals is that many who once saw themselves as moderates or even leftists now realize that they have been pushed to the right. Here are some notable examples.

According to a just released Rasmussen Report, almost three-quarters of Americans oppose schools discussing gender identity with children without their parent’s consent. Over 70% of U.S. adults follow the science in believing there are only two genders.

And at least 18 states have prohibited trangender treatments and gender-altering surgeries for minors.

Sometimes you cross a line and at others a line crosses you. This is a prime example of people seeing the political boundaries cross them and push them in a direction they may not have known they belonged in.

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