Self-Proclaimed ‘Freedom Of Speech Loving’ Literary Group Calls Cancellation Of Amy Coney Barrett Book

Over 500 literary figures signed a public letter protesting Penguin Random House’s publication of Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s new memoir. The letter insinuates that nixing the book’s release would show the publisher’s “dedication to freedom of speech.”

“It is imperative that publishers uphold their dedication to freedom of speech with a duty of care,” says the letter.

The signees began by professing how “deeply” they care about freedom of speech, but apparently, that love has limits.

“We recognize that harm is done to a democracy not only in the form of censorship, but also in the form of assault on inalienable human rights,” accuses the signees.

“As such, we are calling on Penguin Random House to recognize its own history and corporate responsibility commitments by reevaluating its decision to move forward with publishing Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s forthcoming book.”

The letter accuses Barrett of allowing her personal life to influence her judiciary role, claiming she’s guilty of “inflicting her own religious and moral agenda upon all Americans while appropriating the rhetoric of even-handedness.”

It’s reported that Penguin Random House gave Barrett $2 million in advance for the book, which signatories claim “funded the destruction of human rights.”

“This is not just a book that we disagree with, and we are not calling for censorship. Many of us work daily with books we find disagreeable to our personal politics. Rather, this is a case where a corporation has privately funded the destruction of human rights with obscene profits.”

According to the left’s demonic view of the world, Barrett’s book is a violation of “unalienable human rights.” Simultaneously, they argue that unborn children have no right to not be murdered right up to the moment of would-be birth.

“What makes a person a human being is them being born…That’s why we have birthdays,” a physician shockingly uttered while on the stand as a Democrat witness during a May Congressional hearing on abortion.

The letter cites “proof sources” which are mysteriously in complete agreeance with the group’s abortion stance.

“International human rights organizations widely recognize abortion access as a fundamental human right and have condemned the supreme court decision.”

What’s their point?

Roe v. Wade was overturned in June by a 5-4 majority SCOTUS opinion which held that the courts got the original 1973 Roe decision wrong. The right to abortion was never protected under the U.S. Constitution. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Then again, these are liberals we’re talking about. It’s not a group that’s synonymous with “reason” or “logic.”

“We … cannot stand idly by while our industry misuses free speech to destroy our rights.”
The entire letter is a hypocritical lie, but don’t expect any literary Democrats to have the courage to publicly condemn it. They’re in favor of these demands because censorship is solely a weapon of the left. They’ve never personally experienced the fear of being canceled.

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