Scarborough’s Sudden Shift: From Urging Biden To Quit To Advocating Patience

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” has recently changed his stance on President Joe Biden’s candidacy, prompting speculation about what caused this abrupt shift.

Just last Friday, Scarborough suggested that Biden should step down following his poor debate performance, comparing the situation to when Barry Goldwater told President Richard Nixon during Watergate that it was over.

However, on today’s episode of “Morning Joe,” Scarborough took a completely different approach, advising Democrats not to rush into a decision. “It’s only July 5th!” he repeatedly exclaimed, emphasizing the need for patience. Scarborough even claimed to have spent the past week talking many Democrats “off the ledge,” portraying himself as a calming voice amidst the panic.

This new stance is a significant departure from his earlier comments, where he appeared to support the immediate removal of Biden from the race. Scarborough now claims that he always advocated for giving the situation time to develop, a statement that contrasts sharply with his previous urgent tone.

Last week, Scarborough had praised former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe’s suggestion to wait a few days before deciding on Biden’s future. However, he immediately followed that praise with a “but,” indicating his belief that waiting was not an option. His initial reaction was clear: Biden needed to leave immediately to prevent a potential Trump victory.

This reversal raises questions about what influenced Scarborough to change his position. One possibility is that Scarborough’s close access to Biden might have played a role. He has often boasted about his frequent, lengthy interactions with the president. It is plausible that a message from Biden’s campaign, threatening to cut off this access unless he changed his tune, influenced his shift.

Scarborough also addressed accusations from Republicans and conservative media that the press is covering up Biden’s decline. He insisted that this is not the case, despite widespread criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. For instance, Olivia Nuzzi’s column in New York magazine, titled “The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden,” and Mark Halperin’s comments on Newsmax highlight concerns about media bias and the president’s mental acuity.

As Scarborough navigates this new position, it remains to be seen how his changing stance will affect public perception and the ongoing debate within the Democratic Party about Biden’s future.

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