Republican AGs Warn Target Over ‘Pride’ Marketing Toward Children

The intense fallout from Target’s ill-conceived “Pride” month campaign continued Thursday as seven Republican state attorneys general sent a shot across the corporate bow. They warned the company that some of its collection targeting children may run afoul of child-protection statutes.

Indiana’s GOP Attorney General Todd Rokita was out in front of the effort, calling the June “Pride” collection “potentially harmful to minors.”

He further told company executives that Target’s corporate interests were under fire due to boycotts from concerned parents. Even more ominously, the group cautioned that the store’s actions may not comply with child protection and parental rights laws.

They wrote that the seven “are concerned by recent events involving the company’s ‘Pride’ campaign.”

Specifically, the AGs mentioned the promotion of “potentially harmful products” to kids. They also noted possible interference with parental authority in matters regarding gender identity as well as ignoring fiduciary duties by corporate leadership.

The attorneys general pointed towards products such as a shirt emblazoned with the image of a guillotine captioned “homophobe headrest.” They also referenced another item picturing a skull and reading “transphobe collector.”

Drawing the ire of the Republicans — along with many parents — were swimsuits for girls with “tuck-friendly” features for male organs. The company also trotted out “Pride” onesies and baby bibs.

The letter to Brian Cornell, the Chairman and CEO of Target Corporation, ripped the company for its infamous partnership with the notorious Satanist fashion label “Abprallen.”

One of the offerings by Abprallen declared “Satan respects pronouns.”

Concerns were raised over the corporation’s support for the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The organization reportedly provides resources to circumvent parental authority and hide children’s “gender transitions” from their families.

The outrage of the AGs is obviously shared by a large portion of the U.S. buying public. Last month, Fox Business reported Target’s market cap losses rose to $15.7 billion, or roughly 20% of the company’s value.

Yet another woke company is circling the drain after selling out to radical leftist interests. It is not that conservatives need every business to drape American flags from each display or carve the Ten Commandments on their signage. They merely want to be respected, to not have their beliefs spat upon when they enter a store.

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