Report: US Only Recently Developed Secret Balloon-Tracking Technology

According to multiple sources cited by CNN, the U.S. only recently developed a system to track the Chinese flotilla of spy balloons. In fact, the intelligence community has only had the secret technology for less than a year.

That completely deflated the strident Democratic criticism of the Trump administration for not detecting rumored spy balloon flyovers earlier.

After critics slammed President Joe Biden for taking so long to directly respond to the Chinese breach of U.S. airspace, reports surfaced of similar flights during Trump’s time in the White House. Naturally, the left pounced on this speculation to deflect from Biden’s hesitancy to act.

Officials in the current administration acknowledged that a Chinese spy balloon crossed the continent shortly after Biden took office in 2021. Data from that flight was then entered into intelligence holdings to determine if similar intrusions had previously been made.

The results, according to CNN’s sources, then allowed the U.S. to develop a standard method for detecting the paths of the balloons almost immediately.

The new ability to track the spy balloons and trace their previous paths indicated that they traversed U.S. airspace at least three times during Trump’s presidency. But what the data also proved was that the ability to track their high-altitude flights at that point did not exist.

In other words, no one in the government knew they were there, so there was no way to report their flights to the Trump White House. This fact predictably is not being screamed from the rooftops by the mainstream media as they did accusations that the Republican was also negligent.

Despite common sense hinting that these balloons should be easy to track, their altitude far above commercial aircraft means they are anything but. Some can fly as high as 20 miles, and traditional radar systems are attuned to detecting lower and much faster-moving objects.

China has an entire fleet of this spycraft, but if the White House takes a firm stand they will be all but useless over American airspace. The fact that they’ve been detected over several other countries could also be rendered meaningless if this technology is shared with U.S. allies.

Either way, the acknowledgment of the quite recent development of the intelligence community’s tracking ability for these balloons only proves the rush to judgment by the left-wing media. The ability to trace them did not exist a few years ago, and thus the balloons flew undetected.

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