Rep. Ralph Norman Promises An Interesting Alternative To McCarthy In The Coming Weeks

House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s ambitions for Speaker of the House are looking much less promising than his self-proclaimed title, “speaker-elect,” would have you think.

As the list of Republicans against McCarthy continues to grow, the chances of him receiving the needed 218 votes on Jan. 3 is not looking good even with the push from some GOP leaders to get behind him.

McCarthy and other GOP leaders have voiced their concern over not having unified support among the GOP and have even suggested it would result in handing over more power to the Democrats.

But a handful of congressmen are giving McCarthy a hard “no” and in regards to securing votes, that handful means a lot. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) continues to express his position on not supporting McCarthy’s speakership.

Norman had some interesting details to share about the possibility of a new elect-hopeful during his interview with Real America’s Voice last week.

“It will be apparent in the coming weeks who that person will be. And it will – I will tell you, it will be interesting if everything plays out,” he shared.

His hinting seems to support the whispers that former President Donald Trump could become a strong contender for Speaker of the House. Those whispers are getting louder and taking shape in congress with the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) circulating a memorandum setting forth a plan to do just that.

A report from National Rifle discloses the memo being circulated by the HFC which is addressed to the House GOP Conference.

The contents of the memo outline the clear disapproval of McCarthy for his refusal to impeach President Joe Biden. It also reiterates what Norman had made clear in his interview: the House may choose a non-member as House Speaker.

Additionally, the memo “pushes for a commitment from GOP leaders to include ‘Motion to Vacate the Chair’ in the next rules package.”

The paper highlights five key areas of concern such as Chinese infiltration, the lack of investigations after the 2020 elections, infringements on rights to free speech, accountability for deaths related COVID-19 and, lastly, the circumstances surrounding Jan. 6.

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