Ramaswamy Offers 10% Commission for Presidential Campaign Fundraising

As campaign finance ideas go, a new fundraising plan by Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy is certainly novel. The author and entrepreneur announced a program to pay individuals 10% of all funds they raise to propel him to the White House.

He referred to the plan as the “Vivek Kitchen Cabinet.”

The longshot candidate declared that a small circle of political fundraisers is making loads of money on the election. Calling this “disgusting,” he said his goal is to dismantle this “cartel.”

He announced “starting today, anyone can fundraise for the Vivek 2024 campaign and make a 10% commission.” Ramaswamy added that if someone is to get rich through fundraising, “it might as well be you.”

He disparaged the current system of funding candidates but acknowledged “that’s the system we’re going to have.” Through his new program, Ramaswamy touted the avenue to enable individual fundraisers to also make money.

Participants, according to his website, will get a dedicated link through which to send funds and get paid for money that goes through that link.

In this fashion, he said his effort will “democratize” the current fundraising system and enable many people to profit through his campaign.

The businessman said that he will engage in a “special relationship” with fundraisers and call them to give advice on how to be more successful.

Ramaswamy pledged that, when elected, he will deploy the military to the southern border to end illegal migration. His platform included targeting Mexican drug cartels responsible for smuggling tons of deadly drugs into the U.S.

Echoing pledges from other GOP hopefuls, he vowed to eliminate “toxic” government agencies including the Department of Education, FBI and IRS.

Ramaswamy kicked off his presidential campaign in February and now sits among a dozen Republican candidates vying for the White House. His rivals include former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

The entrepreneur has gained a bit of traction nationally compared to most of his rivals. Trump remains far out in the lead in a recent Echelon Insights poll of likely GOP primary voters.

The former president tallied 49% of their support to DeSantis’ 16%. But closing the gap on the Florida governor is Ramaswamy, who finished third with 10% of the total.

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