Putin Meets With ‘Dear Friend’ Xi Jinping In China

While the Biden administration focuses on gender ideology and pronouns, America’s greatest rival, China, is holding closed-door meetings with Russia in Beijing, China, about international matters.

Just recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Beijing Capital International Airport, as seen in video footage provided by Reuters.

Upon arrival, Putin was greeted by Chinese Commerce Minister Mang Wentao, marking the Russian President’s first official trip outside of Moscow, Russia, since visiting Kyrgyzstan on Oct. 12, 2023, according to the New York Post.

Putin’s arrival in China will mark his second meeting with President Xi Jinping. In March 2023, before Putin’s arrest warrant was issued, Jinping traveled to Moscow to visit his “dear friend.” At the time, the Chinese president invited Putin to attend the third Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, presumably the reason for the Russian president’s recent visit to China.

On Oct. 17, 2023, Putin is scheduled to address the Belt and Road Forum, which will be hosted by Jinping. There, the Russian president will speak with the Chinese president as well as leaders of Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia and Laos about international matters, as reported by Reuters.

The Belt and Road initiative was created by Jinping about 10 years ago and hopes to enhance global infrastructure and energy networks connecting Asia, Africa and Europe through maritime and overland routes, per Reuters.

Putin last visited China in February 2022 for the Beijing Winter Olympics. During his visit, China and Russia established a no-limits partnership. The Russian president’s recent visit to China is a glaring example of the two countries’ no-limits partnership on full display.

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